French Guiana

-- From 2016/04/12 to 2016/05/17
-- From the border to Cayenne

The GPS road tacklog
from the the border to Cayenne
from 2016/04/12 au 2016/04/17

Albina, SR, / St Laurent du Maroni, GF

Enter French Guiana, SR

On Tuesday, April 12th I arrived at the Ferry Gate in Albina around 11:00. It was closed but a customs officer opened it and asked me for the temporary importation document in Suriname. I gave it him. Then at immigration my passport received the exit stamp. I could station in the enclosure while waiting for the ferry at 15:00 to St Laurent du Maroni.

At St Laurent of Maroni the Police at the Borders, PAF, stamped my passport and took note of the plate number of my vehicle, no customs control, no insurance for the vehicle. I moved towards Tourism Office for the collection of road maps and booklets. There is a WiFi connection one hour free per day.

St Laurent du Maroni-1, click the picture

Ferry at Albina

On Wednesday morning I returned to the Tourism Office to use WiFi connection. I learned that there was a drinking water tap inside the Camp de la Transportation, but prohibited with the vehicle. I informed myself near administrative staff of the Camp who refused me the access. I filled the tank in several return with a six-liter can. It was 11:30 to too late to visit the Camp which closes at 12:00. Consequently I visited the town of St Laurent whose architecture of the official buildings is typical French style colonial of last century. Pontoon of unloading of the convicts it remains only the base in the process of rot. I stopped lengthily at the very coloured market of fruit and vegetables. I lunched of a very good soup. Then I continued my visit until 14:30 opening of the Camp

St Laurent du Maroni, click the picture


The visit of the Camp de la Transportation was very disappointing initially in the beating rain and by the lack of lighting in the showrooms. I wrote a not very eulogistic comment on the guest-book. Around 15:00 always in the rain I went to the beach Les Hattes away from approximately 60 km where I bivouacked.

Camp de la Transportation, click the picture



On Thursday morning I went to the discovery on the beach of Les Hattes to find traces of the tortoises. I met a police officer who told me that the night last 14 green tortoises had come to lay their eggs. Indeed traces were visible on sand. More far from predatory were in observation, moreover egg shells strewed sands. But they are not the only predatory ones, the police officer told me that men sought eggs. But in the night guards supervise the beach. I went as far as Kourou to visit the Guianese Space Center. The visit is free but on reservation, the nearest date was on April 26th, I would wait. I found a bivouac close to a tower at the edge of the Kourou River, à la Pointe des Roches. I stayed there up to Saturday morning.

Les Hattes, click the pisture



On Saturday, April 16th while arriving in Cayenne I undertook the locations of the taken appointments, the hotel La Marmotte close to the airport, Carrefour Hypermarket, Mercedes-Benz garage, the hotel Les Amandiers as well as the cardiologist opposite the cemetery, gosh! In the end of the afternoon I found a point of bivouac at Anse Chaton. Contrary to ` the information given by Lonely Planet the Comité du Tourisme de la Guyane is closed on Saturdays. French Guiana is an Overseas Department, DOM. It has all the attributes of a metropolis department, plethora of the state and territorial civils servant, standard of living and prices. Thus diesel fuel costs 1,43€ a liter, products and prices in Carrefour Hypermarket idem. Unlike Kourou, modern city, Cayenne kept its colonial character in particular administrative buildings. I spent Sunday at Anse Chaton.

img img
Bivouac, Anse Chaton