-- From 2019/05/08 to 2019/05/17
-- From Sagala Lodge to Mombasa, Moi International Airport

 The GPS road tracklog
 de Sagala Lodge à Mombasa Edelweiss
 du 2019/05/08 au 2019/05/09

Mombasa Edelweiss Camp

Wednesday, May 8 I left Sagala Lodge at the forefront of day to go to Bolloré Transport & Logistics where I arrived around 10:00 thanks to the kindness of a motorist which I had questioned and who led me to it. I met Christine in charge of my file. We regulated the remained details suspends some. I must present my vehicle on Friday, May 10 for the setting out into a container. Then I was going to reserve a room in Lotus Hotel until the loading of the plane for Nairobi, Doha and Nice 17-18/05. Finally I installed my bivouac for two nights at Edelweiss Camp at 25 km away from Mombasa. The rain is ceaseless.


 The GPS road tracklog
 from Mombasa Edelweiss to Bolloré, Lotus Hotel
 from 2019/05/10 to 2019/05/16

Mombasa, Lotus Hotel

Friday, May 10 while going from Edelweiss Camp to Mombasa, here, at Bolloré, I deposited my luggage in Lotus Hotel. After having solved some problems and having signed documents, Christine led me to the enclosure where was the High Cube 40 feet container intended to receive my vehicle. I have two disappointments from the staff assistance, it did not have there a inclined plan to enter the container; moreover I was not guided into the container, I placed myself my vehicle, I took there with twice which I can neither leave the cabin nor to go along between the walls and the body. Finally I can disconnect the batteries and extract myself from the container, obese excluded! Around midday a taxi transported me to Lotus Hotel. In the afternoon I took my reference marks in the surroundings between two breaks. May is the most rainy in Mombasa.

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My truck in the container by Bolloré Lotus Hotel

Monday, May 13, a break appeared in a lead sky. I precipitated to visit Old Town and the Fort Jesus, here. Alas the rain fell by gusts in the wind from the Indian Ocean. As I had the occasion to say it several times since my departure in 2006 for my world tour, the visit of a city is done on foot with the five senses in alarm. Sight to admire the landscapes, the old and modern buildings, hearing for the noises of street, characterized by the two-stroke engine of the Piaggio tri-car, called Tuk-Tuk, smell for the pollution of the internal combustion engines and nauseous waste strewing the pavements, finally the taste to have lunch in two typical restaurants in Mombasa. I thus strolled by the streets of Mombasa fitted with Crocs/clog soled with American Scotch tape wading in the puddle pools of water, mud and the various and varied dejections. Of course I will not have indelicacy to describe the repulsive state of my feet, -"The feet are the object of attentive care"- The below gallery gives a brief outline of Mombasa. I waited during seven days in Lotus Hotel, in particular when the street of the hotel was flooded. On Friday, May 17 I left at the beginning of morning for the MOI international airport to take the plane for Nice via Nairobi and Doha.

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On May 17th departure 9:00 from the Lotus hotel for the plane 11:40. The loading at the Mombasa airport was carried out without difficulty. On the other hand in Doha while passing my hand luggage in the scanner the 10 open end wrench that I had inopportunely preserved after having disconnected the batteries was confiscated without hope of return. The two flights proceeded perfectly. But on Saturday May 18th on arrival in Nice, France, the “yellow safety vests” blocked the traffic! The recovery of my truck at Fos sur Mer is another story, here.