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Morocco was already visited three times:   Journeys in 1972 & 1995  then  journey in 2005

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Consequently the pictures are not posted as much as all the videos are not downloaded, i.e. the three points of each video process until the posting of the video.
Be patient, you will be not disappointed.


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2015-01-22 : From Volubilis to Trans-en-Provence
2015-01-11 : From Imsouane to Moulay Idriss
2015-01-04 : From Icht to Agadir
2014-12-28 : From Taliouine to Icht
2014-12-21 : From Marrakech to Taliouine
2014-12-14 : From Ouarzazate to Beni Mellal
2014-12-07 : From Icht to Ouarzazate
2014-11-30 : From Foum Zguid to Icht
2014-11-23 : From Arfoud to Foum Zguid
2014-11-16 : From Boumalne to Arfoud
2014-11-09 : From Oujda to Boumalne of Dadès
2014-11-02 : From Villa Thébaïde to Oujda

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