-- From 2018/01/02 to 2018/01/07
-- From Barragem do Arade to Villa Thébaïde

The GPS road tacklog
from Barragem do Arade to Spain border
from 2018/01/02 au 2018/01/04


I left Barragem do Arade on Tuesday, January 2 by a temperature of +3°C; but as of 11:00 it climbed. I visited the sumptuous church of Sáo Lourenço of which I had some difficulties in finding the access of the village in the tangle of the roads with the highway. Shortly after 10:00 the two appointed women arrived while gesticulating. The interior is covered with azulejos telling the sharp martyr of St Laurent roasted on a wooden fire. Alas, No Photo, I took one and I were dedicated to the Gemonies of the one of appointed who inveighed me, I think, with all the names of birds! Coated with feathers I went to Estói to visit to Ruinas Romanas de Milreu with exceptional mosaics representing fish. I bivouacked on a football field within Estói.

São Lourenço & Ruinas Romanas de Milreu, click on the pic for opening the gallery


Castro Marim

On Wednesday, January 3 I was invited to lunch by Michele & Daniel Maitrejean who live in Quelfes north of Faro “the Gallic village” due to many expatriated French. It was one very pleasant moment around an excellent meal animated by a conversation very enriching. In middle of afternoon I left them carrying on my way to stop on a carpark within Castro Marim for the night.



On Thursday, January 4 I made supply in food then I were going to bivouac in Alcoutim where I could be able to fill the tank with drinking water and to bivouac on the spot before entering Spain.

In middle of afternoon I took the decision of going to Spain to advance me towards Seville. On the way I tried my chance towards of Playas without success so much the access is reserved for the hotels. I found a bivouac within Moguer on a waste ground.


The GPS road tracklog
from Spain border to French border
from 2018/01/04 to 2018/01/07


The next day Saturday I went to Tarragona always on the highway in the rain, not much fun. But the landscapes changed from vineyards in the south became olive groves in the north.

img img
Bivouac Valdepenas Bivouac Tarragona

The GPS road tracklog
from French border to Villa Thébaïde
from 2018/01/07 to 2018/01/07

Villa Thébaïde

On Sunday, January 7 I left the service station of Tarragona early fearing that the pass of Perthus is snow-covered. Que nenni, it is at an altitude of 290 meters. I arrived at the house around 17:50 at the falling night.
Since the border from Portugal with Spain I had drove the highways on 1780 km of which a paying part for a total of 104,25€. Below the link of access to final report of the 80 days of visit within Portugal.

Final report of the trip, here