-- From 2017/09/04 to 2017/09/07
-- From Monte Limbara to Porto Torres

The GPS road tacklog
from Monte Limbara to Porto Torres
from 2017/09/04 au 2017/09/10

Circoli di Li Muri

Monday, September 4th was not a good day. Initially I rose early surreptitiously to fill the tank with water at the taps of the marina out the sight of a fellow. Then I moved towards Capo Testa. What disappointment all is concreted almost impossible to approach the coast with my vehicle. The coasts of Sardinia are second homes or of hiring confer the Germanic premium cars. As in France the crisis benefits the upper-class! The two only pictures are those of the headlight and a rock. I continued my road up to Porto Polo, it was another story a “gangster penguin” asked for the payment of the car park for the day. I made half-turn towards Palau, the harbor of loading for the Maddalena Islands. But sight crowd of tourists, cars, motor bikes etc I gave up sharing this promiscuity on the island. Traffic in Palau is very problematic, worthy of the obstructions of Paris at the Middle Ages. According to my road plan I was to bivouac in Porto d'Orso. But at the end of the street I ran up against a raised wall hiding the sight of the sea. In cause of despair I modified my road plan to go in the interior of the grounds to visit the Tomba dei giganti out the horde of the tourists followers from the sun-bathing. The area of Arzachena is rich in archeological sites in particular the two tombs of giants as well as the nuragic Prisgiona village. The unit dates back Bronze Age (1800-1600 BC). On the road of di Li Muri I found a bivouac in an not-enclosed field.


Tomba dei giganti, click on the pic for opening the gallery



On Tuesday, September 5th was dedicated to the rise of Monte Limbara and to the visit of the Roman church Nostra Signora. But the devil decided some differently. In the laces of Limbara the engine LED switched on again. I stopped at 1180 m high. The temperature of the engine was certainly high, but did not reach the danger zone. I decided to wait to let it go down. At the end of one hour I started again, the always lit LED. I returned to Mercedes-Benz in Sassari. I was accepted and my car assumption of responsibility immediately. Diagnosis: one does not know, the receptionist asked to me whether I wished that he switch off the LED. I was affirmative. I told him that tomorrow I would give the truck in the laces of Monte Limbara; as a horse which refuses the obstacle, it should be given on the obstacle again. He gave me his consent. I returned to bivouac at my car park become usual, and for the neighbors too.

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en route

Monte Limbara

The next morning I left early. The devil did not appear in the laces and I reached without any difficulty the end of the road to 1336 m high in the clouds. I decided to expect their disappearance with the sun at zenith. Then finally I remained to bivouac on the spot.

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End of the road

Porto Torres, Trans en Provence, Villa Thébaïde

On Thursday, September 7th I was to visit Tempio Pausania then Aggius which I did not reach because the engine indicator on dashboard switch on again. Back to Mercedes-Benz at Sassari the receptionist gave me an appointment the next week. In front of this recurring error not-solved by M-B I decided to return to France. In Porto Torres I even exchanged the round trip ticket for a departure in the evening. I was installed on a car park close the port to expect the loading at 20:00. I unloaded the next morning in Toulon around 7:30 to arrive at the Villa Thébaïde around 9:00 extremely disappointed to have curtailed my stay in Sardinia.

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