-- From 2017/03/18 to 2017/03/31
-- From the border to Montevideo, Grimaldi

The GPS road tacklog
from the border to Montevideo
from 2017/03/18 to 2017/03/31

Fray Bentos, UY

Enter Uruguay, UY

On Saturday, March 18th I presented myself at the integrated border post, Argentina/Uruguay around 16:00. The procedure was very simple and very fast in spite of waiting due to reduced staff on Saturdays without much tourists. I continued my way while forking towards Fray Bentos to bivouac vis-a-vis the international bridge on Rio Uruguay, natural border between Argentina and Uruguay.

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Bivouac at Fray Bentos, view Puente Internacional

Playa Pascua

On Sunday, March 19th I moved towards Montevideo by Ruta#2 up to Rosario then Ruta#1 up to Montevideo by stopping at Playa Pascua to bivouac vis-a-vis the estuary of Rio de la Plata.

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Ruta#1 Bivouac at Playa Pascua


While arriving at Montevideo I went to Mercedes-Benz to confirm my appointment the following day March 21st at 8:30 for the periodic maintenance of my truck. What was my surprise to note that my email sent from Mendoza had not been transmitted by the head office to the service of after sales. The receptionist recorded my appointment. Then I went to KMA, the forwarding agent of Grimaldi at Montevideo. The met person will know the date and the hour of loading of the vehicles only at the meeting with the port on Thursday, March 23rd. At once he will send e-mail to the various passengers. My two bank cards, Master and Visa, are in the term on April 30th, 2017. Consequently at the end of 2016 I had asked the HSBC Draguignan agency, France, to send the two new cards to a HSBC agency in Montevideo. At the beginning of March the HSBC Draguignan agency sent to me the copy of the two dispatch notes by DHL. At once I informed the HSBC Montevideo agency of the date of my passage to take them. In return I received e-mail of this agency informing me that it did not accept mail of some nature for people who are not customer of this agency. Moreover the person who signed the DHL forms is allegedly unknown at this agency. Of course the HSBC agency of Draguignan intervened but without result expected the intransigence of HSBC Montevideo. Moreover the agency of Draguignan sent e-mail to the person who signed the DHL forms, no answer was given. In conclusion HSBC Draguignan made opposition on the two bank cards in nature… This story is very curious because I already before, in Asia, took delivery of bank cards in HSBC agencies! Je bivouaquais deux jours sur le site du Club de Pasca Ramirez

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Bivouac Club de Pesca Ramirez, Montevideo

Mercedes-Benz, Autolider

On Wednesday, March 21rd I spent most of the day at Mercedes-Benz, Autolider, to expect the delivery of my truck after the maintenance. I returned to the club of Pesca Ramirez around 15:40.

Montevideo, Mercedes-Benz, Autolider

Paraiso Suizo


The Wednesday the 23rd I went to the Camping Paraiso Suizo which I had already attended in July 2016. But this time Wifi functioned although asthmatic. There, I expected an e-mail by KMA on Thursday the 24th to tell me the date and the time of the loading on Grande Buenos Aires.

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Montevideo, the port

On Thursday, March 24th KMA sent me an e-mail announcing to me that the ship will be in Montevideo on March 31st and that an e-mail will inform me the day before the time of loading. The told time was at 4 p.m. on March 31st. I was at the port around 3 p.m., Socorro expected me for the formalities to give the certificate of temporary admission of my truck as well as my passport and the notebook of yellow fever vaccination that the captain will keep up to Antwerp. My truck remained at quay in front of Grande Buenos Aires until 23:00. I put it on board to install it in the immense car park. I was the only passenger!

Border crossing

I left Uruguay on Friday Mars 31st while loading on Grande Buenos Aires of Grimaldi. Look at the border crossing, here