-- From 2012/08/06 to 2012/08/12
-- From Bolivar Peninsula to Houston

The GPS road tacklog
From Bolivar Peninsula back to Houston
from 2012/08/05 au 2012/08/12

Bolivar Peninsula

On Saturday, August 4th I had established my bivouac on Bolivar Peninsula.

On Wednesday, August 8th I received a message from Beasley Tire announcing to me that the ex-military used tires Michelin 14.00R20XZL were not available but that tires 14.00R20XL had been delivered. I remained perplexed as for the reality of the situation, who was the liar? The supplier of Bealey or the salesman of Beasley who had rolled me in the flour…

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Birds in Peninsula People in Sunset


Thursday the 9th was a day of disappointment. I drove to Beasley Tire, the salesman apologized too much, but no tires XZL. I had questioned Michelin Consumer Care Department before:

"... 1---- Beasley Tire Service Houston suggests me to buy 1400R20XL as used military tires. My spare wheels are 1400R20XZL. Can I set up 1400R20XZL with 1400R20XL if a tire 1400R20XL had a puncture?..."

"... 1} It is not recommended to mix tread designs across the axle, doing so can create handling issues..."

Alas I did not have another choice only to take the XL by hoping that they would have no-problems. It was decided to install them on Friday, August 10th.

I was not at the end of my sorrows. Back to the camp-site at Houston Central RV the spot which I had booked in the shade had been rented. I told disagreeable remarks to the care taker, in the evening even at the fallen night I recovered it. The step-up & down transformer DSR 3000 watts, which I had ordered to transform from the 110v into 220v in order to use the air-con of my house was not powerful enough. I sent a message to the salesman in Chicago, 220-electronics, look at Information Page, who proposed to me to exchange it for a more powerful. Finally I contacted two electricians in the vicinity to install the new fridge thermostat shipped by UNICAT. Both were challenged: “… it is a non American part, we do not know it…”. I had already heard this litany at Lafayette. I was to go back there so that Mick's Repair, look at Information Page , who had made the diagnosis by dismounting it, installs the new one.

On Friday, August 10th, day of my 72th birthday, was like the precedent, disappointing. I headed at 8 am. to the consulate of France to take my new passport, it had not arrived, perhaps the next week with the diplomatic suitcase on Thursday… Then I arrived around 9:30 at Beasley Tire to install the tires XL of which one was more used than the three others… Two of old tires XZL were in better state than the two spare tires, I decided to make the exchange. It took me more than one hour to extract them from the back garage with the hoist under a temperature of +37°C. I put more than one hour thirty to give the back garage in state in the afternoon with a temperature of the 40°C. Finally I drove about forty kilometers on the highway to test the XL. The report was not fill with enthusiasm. The road-holding required vigilance, comfort was painful and intense noise of rumbling… I returned to the camp-site exhausted to slacken me in the swimming pool whose water was overheated.

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Michelin 14.00R20XL, used military tire My truck under the sun, +40°C

On Saturday 11th after a night of rest and reflection I sent a message to Vrakking-tires in Holland, look at Page Information, to inform the order of four tires Michelin 14.00R20XZL to be delivered in Cartagena, Colombia where I should be mid 2013 by hoping that XL tires are enough reliable to hold up to that point. I remained in Houston Central RV until Friday 17th to take my new passport, if it arrived.

The previous trip of this fourth journey in the USA starting from Baton-Rouge to go up the valley of the Mississippi by Hwy #61 up to Memphis then a detour to Nashville, Hwy #55 up to St Louis and Chicago, Hwy #90 up to Rapid City to visit the Mt Rushmore and finally Hwy #29 from Fargo tot the border of Canada on the way towards Winnipeg. Reality will be different in six days starting from Houston I will pass to Lafayette at Mick's Repair then by Hwy #55 & 57 in Chicago at 220-electronics on Monday morning August 20th and by Hwy #90 and 29 to the border of Canada before August 22nd midnight, that is about 3300 km.

Thus the life of a pensioner journeying round the world goes…