-- From 2012/08/13 to 2012/08/19
-- From Houston to Chicago

The road tacklog
From Houston to Chicago
from 2012/08/13 au 2012/08/19

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Houston Central RV Park

I occupied my days of rest in Houston RV Park to prepare my journey to Mexico where there would be a MAN workshop in Querétaro, and in Central America. From Houston to Panama City I have around 30,000 km to traverse with used tires 14.00R20XL of which I point out that one is in bad state, look at the picture. On August 15th I returned to Bealey Tire Service so that it finds another one, I am waiting. I spent much time to seek on Internet used tires during my move in the USA.

Used military Michelin 14.00R20XL

On Thursday, August 16 I have a phone conversation with the salesman of Beasley Tire Service who informed me to have a new XL tire in better state, to confirm. Finally I received a phone call from the consulate of France announcing that my passport was arrived, I will take it on Friday morning

Consulate of France & Beasley Tire Service

Friday, August 17 was a happy day I took my new passport at the consulate of France as of the opening of the offices where I presented myself without appointment. Then I headed to Beasley Tire Service where a XL tire in better state expected me. I examined it with caution, but finally I always did not have any other alternative.

Mick's Repair

I left definitively, I hoped so, Houston to drive back to Mick's Repair in Breaux Bridge, for the installation of the new thermostat in five minutes. I discussed with Mick the connection a “set-up & down transformer” as well as the split of a connection in 110 volts 50 amps to obtain 220 volts but what about the frequency 50 hz versus 60 hz. It is indeed possible by carrying out a special cable, around a day to buy the material and to maket the cable. Alas I did not have time, I have to leave the USA, what a pity. I bivouacked on the spot after 433km.

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110 volts 50 amps plug

En route to Chicago

On Saturday, August 18 I drove during 800 km on Hwy #10 & 55 to bivouac on a truck parking.

On Sunday, August 19 was a second driving  day for 739 km with a bivouac on a weigh station at the gates of Chicago.

In three days I had traversed 1972 km without interest on highways in a splendid area along the Mississippi River with in particular the towns of Natchez, Memphis, Nashville and St Louis which I did not visit although envisaged by my program before the events… What a disappointment! It is necessary to have a great interior life during long hours of driving.