-- From 2012/12/10 to 2012/12/16
-- From Tucson to Tucson

The GPS road tacklog
From Tucson to Tucson
from 2012/12/10 au 2012/12/16

Tucson, still

On Monday morning I received e-mail from MAN-Bresse, France, announcing that the spare parts had been sent by UPS and giving a tracking number. The delivery was envisaged for Wednesday morning at 10:30 am. I transmitted this information to Volvo workshop then I went there. After I went, by bicycle, to buy guides books Lonely Planet at Barnes & Noble, the chain of bookstore in the USA. The store is located at end eastward of Broadway Blvd. I was very disappointed, no guide for Central America was on shelf, not even that for Mexico at about 100 km! Back to the hotel I stopped at Wal-Mart located at less than one kilometer further away from my hotel and Volvo workshop.

On Tuesday I worked entirely to finish the installation, started during my long stay in Draguignan, of the infrastructure of my website to accommodate pages of the trip to Mexico, Cuba and to countries of Central America. Long work requiring meticulousness and patience together with many tests to check the relevance of navigation within pages. It remained still work to be made. The access is possible from the synopsis of the journeys, open book icon of on the left side of in the top banner. From time to time I threw an eye at the UPS site to follow the routing of the parcel of the spare parts weighing 51 kilos!

On Wednesday morning I consulted the UPS site to ensure the delivery at 10:30. What surprise, the parcel was blocked by the customs at Louisville, KY, for absence of documents to carry out the clearance. I telephoned to MAN-Bresse, France, to inform the file with the UPS agency concerned by forwarding. New waiting started. The end of the year approached unrelentingly.

On Thursday, the omens blew heat and cold, moreover the climatic conditions were not either favorable, overcast sky, strong wind and announcement of disturbances.

But, tomorrow is another day… I took my dispositions to spend a new weekend at the hotel.

Windemere Hotel

On Friday morning, in the night around 0 a.m., Tucson time, MAN-Bresse announced to me being in inventory procedure, but that it dealt with my request. Approximately two hours later, a new message specified me that the documents had been transmitted to the headquarter at Man-Evry, France, then to Germany in emergency procedure. I will be held informed. Alas it was the weekend… The end of the year approached and I was always in the expectancy. However the gear box had been dismounted ready to receive the new parts. Weather forecasting of the weekend was also very bad. It rained as in the Var in the south of France.

The weekend was long and rainy.