-- From 2013/01/07 to 2013/01/10
-- From Newport Beach to border of Mexico

The GPS road tacklog
From Newport Beach to the border of Mexico
from 2013/01/07 au 2013/01/10

Newport Beach

On Monday morning January 7th I received an e-mail from Michael of TCI #866 informing me that the tires had arrived at Los Angeles. The following day, the consultation of the website of the carrier indicated that they were in the Service Center at Santa Fe Springs, CA, suburbs of Los Angeles and they would be delivered to TCI #866. I am in hurry to see their state.

San Diego

On Wednesday 1/9/2013, I was at TCI#866 to install the arrived tires on the day before. They were a little better than those of Houston. But I do not think that they will make much more kilometers, 15240 km. I left Irvine at the end of the morning to San Diego where I wished to buy “Seagull” filters of water purification , alas no. I have not more chance with the dealer of Victron charger who did not have the model 24 volts. In the late afternoon I established my bivouac on the carpark of a Center Senior whose waypoint was given by Alain I.

TCI #866, Michelin dealer, in Irvine, California
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Old used-military tires
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New used-military tires
Final report of the trip in the USA

Border crossing USA-Mexico