From 2011/11/28 to 2011/12/04

-- From New Haven to Jersey City



The road tracklog 
from New Haven to Jersey City
from 2011/11/28 to 2011/12/04

Monday November 28 before leaving New Haven for a trip on the coast I looked for a shop to buy a translucent plastic to see in the rear view mirror, I found a garage in the vicinity which gave me, free of charge, a plastic sheet which I installed in the place of the cardboard. The back visibility is not excellent but it is less stressing than the opacity of the cardboard. Then while waiting of the police report of the broken window of my truck I paid visit to American Marin Tech dealer of MAN Marine in Cos Cob. Indeed the diesel filters bought at MAN Marine Seattle did not have the same reference as those of origin. The salesman had ensured me of compatibility by saying that it was the new reference. During the servicing of my truck in Edmonton, Canada I realized that the O-ring of the original filter was not appropriate for the new ones which were installed without O-ring. My visit was without success. The problem remains to be solved.

Outside & inside plastic sheets

Safety occlusion by Nouvel'Air, France

The following day around 10:00 I went to the Hotel of Police to take the report of the breaking. With works in the city I wandered while taking advice of the GPS Canadian voice. The report was printed at the reception for $1, it is an almost illegible handwritten form. Then I taken I-91 for Hartford, capital of Connecticut, where I arrived around 13:00 to take documentation in Tourist Office which had changed address. Only open sight was the house of Mark Twain, the most beloved author by Americans. It is on the road heading to the Volvo Garage where I wished to speak with a person in charge of services. The visit of the house, reflection of the author's character, is made with a guided tour, No photo, I was alone. The museum is not very attractive. Little before the night I discussed with someone at Volvo who agreed to help me, an appointment was taken for the following day at 9:00. Extremely judiciously Walmart is at less than two kilometers.




Old State House

Mark Twain

His Home

Wednesday morning I presented myself at the reception of Volvo for taking in charge my truck. An electrician started to work around 10:00 and lowered his arms around 1:00 pm, lunch pause. No knowing the system of air-conditioning-heating he did not wish to continue his diagnosis of the heating breakdown. He identified the water leakage of the liquid tank of windshield washer, but of course no spare parts. I was back to the carpark of Walmart about 2:30 pm to write an email of order of replacement parts, broken window, fan and resistance of heating and part for the pump of windshield washer etc Before I had phoned MAN-Bresse, France, to inform of my order to be delivered at Volvo in New Castle, Delaware. It was a day with a gloomy and cold weather.


I spent a long peaceful night at Walmart parking. Before leaving it I consulted my mailbox to supplement emails sent the day before. Weather was very cold but sunny with a clear blue sky. I moved towards Litchfield where the first law school was created in 1773, Tapping Reeve House & Law School, closed for season.

Back to my truck I saw by far three police cars with gyro lights and three policemen walking around my truck. Quietly I continued my way and asked “May I make a mistake?” A policeman dressed in blue and overweight asked me to hold up my arms and proceeded to a body searching in the street in front of ten idlers. The two other policemen attended the scene, they were dressed differently with impeccable uniforms, brilliant shoes like mirrors, leather neck and athletic, obviously ex-marines. The first was a municipal policeman of Litchfield and the two others were CT State policemen. Of course I was asked the usual questions, presentation of my passport, my driving license etc. My truck was also inspected, open drawers and cupboards. Finally they admitted that all was Ok. Both State policemen turned their heels without saying anything & with their inexpressive face.

I interpreted this situation with the sociologic analyze grid by Alexis de Tocqueville  which is my bible in New England, bastion of the Puritanism. . The municipal function of policeman is elective, the policeman in front of his fellow-citizens, his voters, was in show of his effectiveness vis-à-vis a potential delinquent. He was also in show of his skill in front of the two State policemen. But policemen miss understanding. I still had critical sense, but for how long, if not I would have made primary anti-Americanism.

For the first time since nearly six years of journey, more than twenty visited countries and 254,000 km, I had a body searching at 71 years old: What experiment, it was in extreme cases of grotesque, a caricature of the American democracy. I regretted not having a humor like Marx's Brothers to send them a shingling remark. To escape notice in the USA it is necessary to travel with a local car and to be in overweight. For one month I was in an ascending spiral of police control. What will be the next step? For whatever purpose it may serve I recorded the emergency call number of the embassy of France in my mobile.

Finally I asked the municipal policeman where I could have an overnight, he indicated me a location, then he decided to apologize to, “Follow me”. I left the carpark under the glance of the idlers. We headed to the carpark of the Lourdes Grotto. I spent the night under Jesus' protection, a height for a non-believer.

The night was particularly cold at nearly 400 meters high, negative under my truck and 6°C in the body! I fended the writing of the events of the day before and left the carpark about 11:00. The crossed landscapes were of great beauty in this early December. I crossed the border between Connecticut and the state of New York without difficulty nor control of police. The area is mountainous and occupied by residences, to find a place of bivouac was difficult. I threw my choice on the carpark of a sports ground at the entrance Peerskill. It was a day without sight.

New York

The three states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the most populated and industrialized in the USA. Before the arrival of Europeans the area was occupied by about 100,000 Iroquois. In 1609 the Dutch founded a small settlement which they called “New Netherlands”. The Island of Manhattan gave the birth to the city of New Amsterdam, renamed New York City. Shortly after they surrendered to British warships who created two states, New York and New Jersey.

West Point

During the night a police car was parked near my truck probably to monitor the contraveners to traffic light at the bottom of the hill. Before leaving the carpark the police car came again, to avoid any problem, I greeted the police officer by giving him information, he welcomed me, well. Being of a soldier family by my mother I have to visit West Point, the school of the officers of the American army. It is located in a meander dominating Hudson River, the place is splendid and the campus huge. I visited the Visitor Center and the Museum, the latter exhibits dioramas of the warfare through the ages, highly recommendable. Of course American generals were at the honor as Napoleon. I bought a guided tour of the campus, the hostess was very voluble but only the Cadets' Chapel was visited.

Cadets' Chapel

The Column of Fame

On Sunday I headed to Jersey City, NJ, where there is a campground open all year, I established there my bivouac for a week in order to visit New York City. Thanks to the GPS, Garmin Nüvi 1450, bought at Walmart in Canada with a Canadian hostess' voice, I arrived without encumber at Libertyharbor RV. Isn't a idyllic place, it is an asphalt carpark without installation in a marina, amenities are unspecified, WiFi connection isn't free, if it operates? The price is exorbitant, $64,20 per day. There is no reception before Tuesday from 9:00 am with 4:00 pm. Consequently no WiFi, I went downtown at Starbucks Coffee.

Jersey City, le 2011/12/04

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