From 2011/12/19 to 2011/12/23

-- From New Castle to College Park, MD, Washington, DC




The road tracklog 
from New Castle to Washington, DC
from 2011/12/19 to 2011/12/23

Valley Forge

Across the images conveyed in the American mind Valley Forge was turning point of Independence War of the USA. Since 1775 an embassy had been sent to France with in particular Benjamin Franklin. Money, clothing and weapons were dispatched in America as well as military experts as Lafayette and Duportail, military engineer, who traced the maps of the camp at Valley Forge where Washington withdrew after the defeat at Brandywine Creek in 1777. The official entry of France in the conflict on February 6, 1778 was accommodated with enthusiasm. During winter 1777/78 Baron von Steuben involved the continental army of Washington according to Prussian's army principles. Hardened it opposed victoriously to the British army. Independence War lasted until the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

Washington Memorial Chapel

National Memorial Arch

Wayne Statue

Louis Le Begue de Presle Duportail

The Justice Bell

Pays Amish

Amish, Mennonite and Brethren religious communities are Anabaptist factions persecuted in Switzerland. They settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700's thanks to the William Penn's tolerance. Co-religionists continue to follow the Way of Life prescribes by the rule, prohibition of electricity, telephone, motor vehicles etc. They wear like in the 18th century. They plow with mule. In this period out off tourist season the Amish country is disappointing, indeed the visit of farms is possible only with a guided tour.

Amish Village Museum


According to Lonely Planet Hanover, after its Germanic cousin, was worth a visit que nenni. But I met the Civil War which opposed abolitionists in the North and the segregationists in the South.


Gettysburg National Military Park located on the battle field tells the causes of the Civil War and the three days which made rock the exit of this war in favor of the abolitionists in the North. The initiatory tour begins with a film on large screen then a Cyclorama which is a painting on canvas of the battle field on 360° carried out by Paul Philippoteaux at that time. The museum exhibits in twelve rooms items, documents, dioramas, videos and texts. I present the main part of the texts for the comprehension of the conflict which marked the second birth of Freedom. But the history of the slaves' freed was not finished for as much, one will still need a century and assassinations of which those of Lincoln, J. K. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The duration of my visit, the cold and the rain did not encourage me to make the tourist tour of the battle field. At the falling night I failed at a local Walmart.

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

 Maryland, Baltimore

George Calvert set up Maryland in 1634 to accommodate Catholics persecuted in England. He bought St Mary's city to Piscataway. It was besieged twice during the 1812 war with the English and during the Civil War. It was during the 19th century a shipyard. It is currently one of the most important ports on the East coast. By leaving Gettysburg I did not know where I could station. On I-795 exit#4 a signpost mentioned a subway station in the vicinity in the town of Owings Mills. I tried while leaving Interstate. I fell in front of a silo carpark. Fortunately behind an immense carpark hid where I left my truck to inform me. Indeed the subway, one line, goes to downtown. I returned to my truck to make it safety during my absence. I left about midday to visit Baltimore.


Inner Harbor

 Fort McHenry

At Visitor Center on Inner Harbor the hostess advised me to go to Fort McHenry by the bus n°1. Fort McHenry was the cradle of the American national anthem during the naval battle of the war of 1812.

By returning downtown I saw a brick tower called Shot Tower. I approached and discovered that it was used to manufacture leads for rifle. It pointed out to me the tower of the factory of Tréfimétaux at Couëron, France. I returned to Owings Mills to spend the night on this carpark with hoping that the police will not drive me out.

The second day in Baltimore I immersed myself in the sumptuous Art Walters Museum whose collections were mainly gathered by the Walters family during their exodus in France during the Civil War in the USA. They span 55 centuries of art of all continents. But at the difference with the MET in NYC the museum has a human size, it is worth visiting in one day. Back to my truck I have the surprise to see a police car which awaited me with a paper on the windshield. The two police officers extremely nicely explained me that it was not authorized for truck. In spite of my petitions and after they had telephoned, they remained intransigent, I have to leave. Fortunately at 1,5km there was Walmart, I was going to install me there.

Washington Monument

Hope by Puvis de Chavannes

Route to Versailles, Louveciennes by Pissarro

Saint Francis by El Greco

Qur'an, Iran 12th century

Indra, in a form a Brahmin, Vessatara Jataka, Thailand 1850

Guanyin, China, Ming Dynasty, 16th century

College Park

I wished to arrive in the morning at the campground Cherry Hill Park at College Park, suburb of Washington, DC, to continue to inform the repair of my laptop, Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. Nauticom, the French dealer in Marseilles gave me the address of their repairer in the USA, Telrepco, located in Connecticut. After several emails Telrepco gave me all necessary information. In the early afternoon I went to Fedex at College Park to carry out the forwarding for a reception on Tuesday 27. The time for repairing should not take more than one week. I should be able to receive it before my departure to France at the end of January 2012 but I do not know where, to follow. I will remain several days at Cherry Hill Park to visit Washington, DC.

Cherry Hill Park, le 2011/12/23

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