2005-06-26 : Following travelog : North Europe

2005-03-24 : 26 days of trip in Morocco
2005-03-01 : 2 days of trip in Mauritania
2005-02-27 : Four days of visit in Senegal
2005-02-22 : Twelve days of visit in Mali
2005-02-10 : Twelve days of visit in Niger
2005-01-29 : Stages in Tunisia and Algeria

2005-01-02 : Previous travelog: Preparation of the trip round the world  

This travelog reports the first gallop of test with the vehicle which will be my residence during the trip around the world.

The map shows that the circuit is composed of several parts.
--the pack-raid of Ténéré-Dakar :
----the transfer of the vehicles by ferry-boat from Marseille to Tunis,
----the Ténéré-Dakar raid from Tunis to Dakar.
--the return towards France in solo :
----The trip through Mauritania from the south to the north,
----the visit of Morocco until Tétouan,
----the transfer of my truck by ferry-boat from Tangier to Sète,
----the return to the Backoffice in Var.

Neuilly, le 2004/08/14