-- From 2021/05/22 to 2021/05/22
-- From Flensburg, DE, to Hirtshals, DK

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 from Scandi Park to Hirtshals, Smyril Line
 from 2021/05/22 to 2021/05/22

Smyril Line

On Saturday May 22, 2021 at around 3:00 p.m., I reported to Hirtshals, DK, for embarkation in the Faroe Islands. After the administrative procedure, I took the queue for a Covid-19 test, oral test, free. Then I parked in line 33 to board the ferry. In this period of pandemic, there were few tourists. I had a cabin for myself. The trip went smoothly. Even though the swell was strong the ship is very large and heavy.