From 2008/05/28 to 2008/07/23

-- From "Les Rochilles" to Zeebrugge

Stay at "la Villa les Rochilles"

From May 28 to July 11 I remained very agreeably at the Villa of my brother and my sister-in-law at the edge of the swimming pool.

Long week-end in Dunières

Marie’s baptism, July 13, Christophe’s third child, my nephew, was the occasion of merry reunions around a wild boar skewered from “the barb to the backside”. Alas weather in Haute-Loire at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters was exceptionally bad wasting the pleasure of finding themselves with forty people of which a quarter of truculent hunters.



the 13/07/2008 



Wild boar on barbecue 
the 13/07/2008 



Cut with a chain saw 
the 13/07/2008 


On July 15 I took a train from St Etienne to Bruchsal, Germany, to take delivery of work, about to be completed, carried out on my truck. I had made profitable this unforeseen return the manufacturer to have carried out improvements.



New frame 
the 12/07/2008 



the 20/07/2008 


This page was written in Dettenheim on July 20 by supposing that all made arrangements will proceed as envisaged. But a “malignant one” could intervene to block the course of events.
July 21 was devoted to set up four new tires before taking the road to load my truck to Malaysia in order to take again the journey around the world where it was stopped in Cambodia.

Road to Zeebrugge

On July 21 in the late afternoon I left UNICAT to drive back to Zeebrugge where I had appointment the 23/07 with a forwarding agent to load my truck to Port Klang, Malaysia, by the vessel Cygnus Leader of NYK envisaged the 27/07. Consequently I headed the same road that May 24 and 25 but in opposite direction.

Back to Malaysia

My truck was to be put at quay on 25/07. By preoccupations with a safety to take account of possible hazards, I booked a place on a plane the 28/07 on Malaysia Airlines from Paris to Kuching in the province of Sarawak on the Island of Borneo which I will visit while waiting for the arrival of Cygnus Leader envisaged the 23/08 in Port Klang. If all occurs according to the plan I will spend the last weekend of July in Paris.

Draguignan, le 2012/02/05

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