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-- Stay in Trans en Provence

 Le tracé GPS de la route
 de Fos sur Mer à Villa Thébaïde
 du 2019/07/25 au 2019/07/25

Trans en Provence

Since back to France on May 18th, 2019 coming from Mombasa I expected the arrival of the container of my truck whose potting had taken place on Friday, May 10 at Bolloré in Mombasa. While following the tracking information on Internet I discovered that it had been charged on boat on June 2nd for Mundra where it had changed of boat then for Gioia with a second change of boat and finally to arrive at Fos on Mer on July 25th, to see the Information tracking below. Of course I had taken my dash for work to carry out at Mercedes-Benz Draguignan as of on Thursday, August 1, complete revision, then at Psi-Azalai, repair of the damage caused by the 13 month trip and +41,000 km in southern & eastern Africa, for a forthcoming journey.

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Journey to Mauritania

Mauritania's approach route will be by land to Algesiras to take the ferry to Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco. The circuit in Spain was organized from the trace published by Voyage4x4 with detours to visit Zaragoza, Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba and Sevilla. Then the descent of Morocco to the south by the highway to Agadir and the Atlantic coast to Guerguerat on the border of Mauritania. The expedition in Mauritania was conceived from two unavoidable books, Mauritania with the GPS by Sylvie & Cyril as well as tracks of Mauritania by Gandini, without forgetting the traces by Voyage4x4, Jacomo and Agirard. I do not pretend to be a DPM, defined by Gandini, but without false modesty, a novice of the expedition on sandy ground. On the way I will do my apprenticeship and adapt my hike according to my solo experience. The return to the house will follow the same road in Morocco, by the Mediterranean coast in Spain visiting Granada, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona. The entry into France will be made by the pass of the Bélîtres then the coastal road of the trace by Voyage4x4 up to Fréjus. No delay has been planned in view of the uncertainty of the journey in Mauritania, I will be humble.


By clicking the "Summary" icon to the left of the top banner of the website jacket, the country list gives access to each country whose "Presentation" menu to the left of the high banner shows the detailed route in pdf format for possible printing. In addition, the "Travelog" & "Campsite" menus in the center of the banner give the possibility to transfer traces and waypoints of bivouacs in gpx international format for use with either Garmin BaseCamp or any other navigation software, i.e. QuoVadis.

Last minute: The departure is scheduled on 29/09/2019. But an unforeseen mishap delayed my departure for several weeks. Finally I left the Villa Thebaïde the 31/10/2019.