-- From 2021/05/05 to 2021/05/06
-- From Trans en Provence to the Denmark border
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The GPS tracklog from 2021/05/05 to 2021/05/05 click on the pic for opening the picture
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The GPS tracklog from 2021/05/05 to 2021/05/05 click on the pic for opening the picture

On Wednesday May 5th I left Villa Thebaid at the legal time, 06:00. I arrived shortly before 3:00 p.m. at Loges Margueron to pay homage to my deceased parents. I resumed my road to stop at the Rohrbach motorway rest area around 8:10 pm after 1068 km.

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The GPS tracklog from 2021/05/06 to 2021/05/06 click on the pic for opening the picture

Thursday morning from early morning I headed to QuoVadis where I had meeting at 10:00 with Thomas Flemming, designer of the QuoVadis navigation that I have been using since July 2004. The goal was to migrate the QV7 version to the new QVX version in 64 bits. Hours of work had been estimated at 10 hours. Indeed I left Thomas shortly after 8:00 p.m. to bivouac on the motorway area by Reinhardshain.

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The GPS tracklog from 2021/05/07au 2021/05/07 click on the pic for opening the picture

Friday morning still at dawn I went to the Danish border where after a very courteous discussion I was asked to return to Germany because the border is closed to tourists, even vaccinated. He It was explained to me that I could take the ferry to Hirtshals by crossing the border on the same day of embarkation, Saturday May 22, traveling the 350 km without stopping in four hours! I was driven back to the border escorted by a police car with a photo of my vehicle's license plate, confidence is everything relative… I found a bivouac at Scandi Park near Flensburg. The Saturday I was looking for a campsite without result because they were closed until the end of May. I decided to go to the tourist office in Glücksburg Monday morning.


 Le tracé GPS de la route
 de Scandinavian Park à EkernFörde via Kiel
 du 2021/05/11

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Monday, May 10 I went on an expedition to Glücksburg in search of a campsite by obtaining information from the tourist office, without result. Everything is closed until the end of May.
Tuesday May 11th after a night of reflection I went to Kiel to inquire at the office of Smyril Line, the company of ferries which serve the Faroe Islands and Iceland. I got confirmation that the Danish border was closed to tourists with the opening the same day I boarded the ferry. I continued my search for a campsite without success. I was going back to Scandi Park.
On Wednesday, May 12, the download of the Windows 10 update was very slow due to an asthmatic WiFi connection. Of course I have two laptops to maintain.
Thursday May 13th was devoted to the maintenance of my trips around, to the resolution of some technical problems with the QuoVadis team, and to the maintenance of my website with the new software, it is time consuming.
Here at Scandi Park, the car park is always full in front of the supermarket selling beer and all kinds of alcohol at discount prices, the locals fill the chests with cans! But from 8:00 p.m. I'm on my own.
The weather is deplorable, cold, 10 ° C, rain and mist. Certainly I am in the north, latitude 54° north. The night is getting shorter.


Shipwrecked in Scandinavian Park near Flensburg about ten kilometers from the Danish border, I witnessed the addiction of the locals, German and Danish, to alcoholic drinks, mainly beer with which they filled the trunk of their car overflowing. I stayed there from Friday 7th to Saturday morning May 22nd when I boarded the Norröna ferry. Apart from the surrounding trips in search of a campsite, I remained stuck in this gloomy car park, fortunately before leaving my home I had read the commentary on the book "L'énigme Pompidou / de Gaulle" by Arnaud Teyssier of the newsletter by Ph. Bilger. I had downloaded this book and two others by the same author, concerning de Gaulle and Charles Péguy, so I had a literary viaticum for my trip to the North Atlantic. Beyond the object of the book "The Enigma", the author's subtle analysis of the state of France from the liberation until the resignation of de Gaulle in April 1969 can be, for an enlightened mind, put in perception with the current situation since the presidential election of 2017. My observation, of a non-specialist not frequenting the television sets, consists in the recurring immaturity of the political elites since the establishment of the republic, 1792, as well as the versatility of the Gallic (French) people. I have neither the vision of the long duration of the Bergsonian apprehension of de Gaulle nor the Normalian intelligence of Pompidou, I will be careful not to prophesy the future by not consulting the guts of chicken like the Romans. In any case, a close reading of Arnaud Teyssier's book is highly recommended.