-- From 2013/01/10 to 2013/01/13
-- From the border to Ensenada, Baja California

The road tacklog
from the border to Ensenada
from 2013/01/10 au 2013/01/13

Enter Mexico, Tijuana

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I entered Tijuana. The transition with San Diego and the USA in general were brutal. I believed to find me in Asia so much the standard of living is lower than that in the USA. Mud, dilapidated houses and people wandering from here & there. My purpose was to go to take money at ATM's HSBC which was not open. I waited up to 9 a.m. Alas I had inopportunely stopped my truck at wrong side, a policeman told it me and asked me for my documents. I answered him that I was French by showing the stickers which I had put on my truck. He smiles and made me it arranged in right side, warm welcome. I left Tijuana in the rain by the autopista de peaje #1D to head to Ensenada.



The highway skirts a steep coast in rolling mountains in splendid landscapes in spite of the bad weather. Traffic was sparse. I entered the city in the late morning to collect booklets in Visitor Center. Having emptied the refrigerator to enter Mexico I was to make supply to lunch. I went to Wal-Mart. My marks had me to be found because all is in Spanish and the products are adapted to the Mexican taste. Finally I ate around 3 p.m.! I had decided before to take Spanish courses at Ensenada and I had found on Internet the Center of Language which had given me an address of a camp-site in downtown area, Campo Playa. I went there, I was very disappointed, muddy, no warm water and no electricity. Consequently I was going to get in touch with the school where I collected other addresses. But in cause of despair at the fallen night I found myself on the carpark of Wal-Mart, tomorrow will be another day.

The coast from the autopista de peaje #1D

On Friday, January 11 I took again the inventory of RV-parks at Ensenada and in the surroundings. Result always so disappointing, infrastructures of RV-parks of Canada and the USA were already far away. By chance beside a poor camp-site at the northern entry the city I found the Motel California RV & Villas which has two sites with electricity 110 volts-30 amps and a hot shower in a bungalow. I rented one for a month. Alas I will be constrained to going to “school” with my truck, too far and too sloping by bicycle. Once again I lunched around 3 p.m.

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California RV Park

The day of Saturday was entirely devoted to writing pages layout of my website to close the journey in the USA and to initialize that one in Mexico.

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