-- From 2014/07/28 to 2014/08/03
-- From Argelès-surèMer to the border of Spain

TheGPS road tracklog
From Argelès to Tour Madeloc
du 28/07/2014 au 28/07/2014

Madeloc Tower

I left Texas Camping without regret; it was basic: no paper in the toilets, no soap at the wash-hand basin, catch of electricity at the site in supplement only 10 amps, no water connection at site. To fill my water tank I had to stick my truck against the wash-hand basins intended for the linen with, fortunately, only one tap with a screw pitch! Only two hours of WiFi connection is included in price etc. The comparison with the camp-sites at the USA disagreeable for a similar price… where is the error? Camp-sites in the USA in the south are attended all the year more the wilderness camping is generally prohibited in these areas as in California.
At 3 p.m. I was back to pharmacy to take the missing complement of drugs. Unpleasant surprised expected me, it missed an essential drug for the heart. I was going to make sitting in the local doctor who took to me between two patients on go. After consultation of Vidal dictionary, he admitted that he could nothing for me. While leaving I decided to call my cardiologist in Draguignan whose secretary recalled me to give me a potion of replacement. I asked her to fax the prescription to the pharmacy of which I had taken the fax number. Back to pharmacy, anxious that the devil could again have prevailed, the fax had arrived and the magic potion expected me. Yes, the worst is never certain. Naively I asked whether the missing drug were output to the Social Security, the answer was affirmative. In front of my disapprobative attitude, the waiter called the pharmacist, who gave the order that the drug when it is delivered, one does not know when, is sent to me at my address, I can dream!
I forsook Argelès-on-Sea in the rain around 16:50 to begin the Transpyrenean at Collioure. The setting in mouth started by the way of the Galley, well named. only one vehicle can go up, width is little more than 2 meters. I found a bivouac close to the Madeloc Tower overlooking the sea in the rain and under a sky heavy of clouds.

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