-- From 2015/03/17 to 2015/03/18
-- Marseilles

The GPS road tracklog
From Villa Thébaïde to Martigues & back
From 17 & 18 Marz


After the second gallop of test of the truck-2 on the breakable Moroccan tracks, improvements and repairs proved to be essential. On March 17th I deposited it at Psi-Azalaï in Martigues. During this time I continued the visit Marseilles started in the month of September 2014. Thus truck-2 will be ready to assume again the journey round the world tour on April 27th, 2015 after its shipment to Halifax, Ns, Canada whose trip will be later on exposed by the presentation page of Canada.


Musée des Beaux-Arts, Palais Longchamp

The Longchamp Palace built with the plan by the architect Henri Espérandieu is the end of the channel of Marseilles bringing drinking water of the Durance river necessary to the townsmen. It was built for the glory of water, arts and sciences. This monumental water tower shelters the museum of the Beaux-Art as well as the Natural History museum. The museum of the Beaux-Art received from the State after the French Revolution major works of the French painting, of the school of Provence as well as Italian painting. I succeed in taking some pictures in spite of bad exposure conditions.

img img
Fontaine d'abondance Vanité by Renard de Saint-André
img img
La chasse au sanglier by Rubens Le cerf à l'eau by Courbet
img img
L'éducation d'Achille by Puget Don Quichotte & Sancho Pança by Daumier
img img
La Bouillie by Millet  

Musée d'Art contemporain (MAC)

The following day I left in forwarding to visit the Museum of Contemporary art located at the middle of nowhere close to the square Pierre Guerrer where the Tumb by César is set up, about thirty minutes by subway & bus. Of course it exhibits contemporary art, it is necessary to like; but the interest was a temporary exhibition of eight “Time Capsules” on 612 boxes out of cardboard realized by Andy Warhol from 1974 until his death in 1987. During all these years it gathered works of popular culture for which it created a style so called in the USA “Pop' art”. One from these eights box contains newspaper cuttings, reviews as well as the invoices of his hospitalization following the attempt at his assassination by Valerie Solanas on June 3rd, 1968. Videos make it possible to listen on the making way “Songs For Drella” (mixes of Cinderella and Dracula) according to the concert given by Lou Reed and John Cale in homage to Andy Warhol on January 7th, 1989. Of course No Photo, I stole one with my smartphone from there. At the beginning of afternoon I went back to Martigues to take the truck and to return to Trans-en-Provence.

img img
Le Pouce by César Pop'Art, Affiche publicitaire by Andy Warhol