-- From 2017/05/03 to 2017/08/27
-- Trip from Antwerpen to Trans en Provence
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Antwerp, Belgium

On Wednesday, May 3 I thus left the port of Antwerp around 18:00 after 33 days on sea to go to Brussels invited by Olivier Lecourt and his wife. I arrived at his residence around 19:00. We spent under discussion most of the evening of voyages around the world. Then I visited his new MAN truck built by Action Mobil. The following day we discussed again with sticks broken during a breakfast typically of Brussels. I left them with regrets around 10:00 for Troyes en Champagne, the city where I had spent all my youth in the family house. I continued to the Loges-Margueron, cradle of my paternal family, where I collected on the tomb of my parents and I greeted my cousin Janine before bivouacking on a tailboard which formerly bordered a family field of apple trees. The following day, Friday, May 5, I moved towards Trans en Provence to find my house, Villa Thébaïde, which I had left on April 27th, 2015 to travel into Americas. I was able by the way to take part in the presidential elections. From this date I began a medical trip which was going to occupy me until the end of July so much the times of the appointments were long; moreover the cabinet of ophthalmology returned me to the Greek calendars in November 2017! During this time I dealt with my truck as well as the organization of two short trips in Sardinia then in Portugal before considering a long journey in Southern Africa. I booked a return ticket from Toulon to Porto Torres, Sardinia, with a departure on Sunday 8/27/2017 at 22:00. and a return on Monday 10/30/2017 at 22:30.

Residence of Olivier Lecourt with his MAN truck and my vehicle