-- From 2015/01/12 to 2015/01/21
-- From Volubilis to Ceuta, from Algeciras to Argelès, Trans-en-Provence

The GPS road tracklog
From Volubilis to Ceuta
From 2015/01/12 to 2015/01/16


On Monday, January 12 was a driving morning o go to the camp-site Le Diamant Vert in the suburbs of Fès.

Camping Diamant Vert

The Medina

I had rented the day before a guide who I divided with a French family of three people. It was the visit of the castle according to the formula of "Jacques Dufilho". It was restricted to traverse the souks of the medina, with the visit of the tanneries with the store and with lunching in a restaurant. As in Casablanca I should have rented a taxi and have visited alone the medina as well as the main monuments. Thus to finish my tour in Morocco. Tomorrow I will approach Ceuta to take a ferry for Algeciras.

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Royal palace
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Mellah, Jewish quarter
img img
Merenid tombs Kairaouine mosque
Tanneries Chaouwara
Chaouwara tanneries
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Dryer quarter
Medersa el-Attarine
img img
Kairaouine mosque
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Vegetal silk
img img
Nejjarine Museum & fountain
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Road to la Mediterranean coast

For the return to Ceuta and to take to a ferry I took the main road 8 from Fez to Taounate then the R505 road up to Ketama and finally a cross-piece up to El-Jebha on the coast. R505 passes by the beyond the law area of the culture of the kif, hashish. During the trip I was constantly passed by cars whose occupants, dealers, proposed drug. By safety I had condemned the doors of the cabin and I ldrove prudently to envisage possible blockings of the road by front and behind. But I arrived at Ketama without problem and stop nowhere, phew! The descent towards the sea was splendid in spite of a covered weather and a road whose roadway is very damaged. I bivouac at El-Jebha at the seaside.

img img
Rif Landscape
img img
Fishing town El-Jebha, bivouac

Road to Ceuta é ferry

On Thursday, January 15 I traversed again the Mediterranean coast which curves in rolling mountains in dramatic landscapes of a monochrome (camaieu) painting. After the liquidation of my last dirhams in diesel I bivouacked on the Marjane carpark.

img img
Coast landscape Marjane, bivouac


In the night of Thursday January it rained a lot. Around 23:00 the guard of Marjane came to announce to me that it was interdict to spend here the night. I buzzed off to go to finish it further 6 km away close to a Afriquia service station. I took the road to Ceuta, (Sebta) around 5:00 (6h00) to arrive at the border post around Paris 7:00 time. Then I waited until 9:00 on the carpark of the ferries to embark around 9:30 and to arrive around 10:50 to Algeciras. The target consisted in making supply at Carrefour then spend the night (?) on the carpark of Lidl. I wished to leave before the daybreak to reach the French border at Perthus pass, 1200 km away, without stop for bivouac on the Spanish highways because there are not very safety.

img img
Gibraltar's Rock Algeciras harbour
Algeciras, bivouac Lidl ?

En route to the French border, Argelès-sur-Mer

On Saturday, the departure was very early morning. I drove during 1248 km on the Spanish “autopistas” guided by GPS with several stops. I arrived at Argelès-sur-Mer after 17:20 of driving without problem if not tiredness, that is to say a mean speed about 72 km/h. I had decided to go to Texas Camping already known, alas closed! In cause of despair I stationed close to Intermarket supermarket whose car park is prohibited for motor homes.

On Sunday morning I left looking for a camp-site, but after having drove during 32 km in Argelès and the surroundings, they all were closed, those which I visited. I returned towards the Intermarket to spend a second night on a building plot.

Back home, Trans-en-Provence


TheGPS tracklog
From Argelès to Trans
From 2015/01/19 to 2015/01/21

On Monday, January 19 around 9:00 I launched out on the road to Montpellier where I had appointment on Tuesday morning to solve the dysfunctions during the HF emission. I bivouacked as with the practice on the carpark of a store closed opposite Eurotel.

On Tuesday morning as of 8:00 I was at SudCom. Mr. Montariol dealt with the problem of interference between the radio waves 14,000 Hz and the automatic closing of the doors of Mercedes “G”. For him it is probable that the electromagnetic European standards do not provide that the car makers test their materials with the above-mentioned frequencies. He pointed out his recommendation to me to put a good earth electrode what I had done without success. But the diameter of the cable was not sufficient and the sardine driven out of ineffective ground. He connected a cable of strong section to the earth electrode of the building and… the problem was solved. He gave me an end of cable and advised to me to buy a ground stake in a specialized shop. Last time less than one half an hour! I moved peacefully towards Martigues where I had appointment on Wednesday morning at Psi-Azalaï. I bivouacked on the carpark of the archeological site of Saint Blaise.

I spent the morning of Wednesday with Mr. Giraud, designer of the Azalaï cell, with speaking trips and detailing repairs to be made following the accidents which have occurred on the Moroccan tracks. I was back home around 15:00.