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The road tacklog
From San Antonio to Bolivar Peninsula
from 2012/07/30 au 2012/08/05


On Monday morning I had appointment at 8 a.m. at the consulate of France to make the demand of a new passport, cost $109. It will be available as soon as possible on Friday, August 10 and at the latest on Friday, August 17. On the way back I came to take news of the used military tires Michelin 1400R20XZL delivery at Beasley Service, possibly on August 13th. A long waiting started under a torrid heat of 37°C at home of my truck.

Houston Central RV Park

Michelin Consumer Care

For several days I had sent some messages to Michelin Consumer Care. Finally I obtained an answer, but not satisfactory:

"... Thank you for answering me, but you didn't answer to my question: When Michelin tires 1400R20XZL will be available in the USA? I am waiting for..."
"... These tires are on National Backorder. The number of tires being manufactured today is not enough to completely fill backorders. All backorders will be filled first and it appears they are mostly for military vehicles. Our best guess is that there will be no sales of this tire for the remainder of this year, other than for backorder status. We do apologize for this inconvenience.
We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Michelin..."

On Tuesday I received an e-mail from the Francine L. family giving me the address of a Dutch company which sells heavy truck tires with a worldwide delivery: H Vrakking BV (see Information Page)

As of on Monday, July 31 I had taken an appointment with the office of immigration at the USCIS to try and obtain an extension of my visa per safety. At the first floor of the building a big waiting room with more than ten glazed counters. I was accepted at the hour envisaged. The meeting was of short time, No extension, No discussion with a subordinate employee. I tried, certainly without much conviction, but it was necessary that I do it.


On Friday morning while going to Walmart I took delivery of the package sent from Miami, FL, by Thomas Ritter's son, UNICAT, containing the fridge thermostat as well as a Gira female socket which had burned following a short-circuit in 2011. Today it remained to receive, my new passport, without concern, and the four military used tires Michelin 14.00R20XZL, for which there remained still a doubt. 

On Saturday morning I decided to put to me at the green during a few days on the Bolivar Peninsula southwards of Houston and easwardst of Galveston. A free ferry crosses the arm of the sea to join the peninsula in about twenty minutes. At this beginning of weekend I waited one hour to reach the ferry. The temperature is similar to that in Houston but the sea air refreshed the atmosphere.

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on the ferry boat
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on the peninsula