-- From 2012/12/31 to 2013/06/dd
-- Newport Beach

The GPS road tacklog
From Newport Beach to Irvine & back
the 2013/01/03

Newport Beach

Through obstinacy I had found a toilet repairer one site, Chadwick RV-Doctor (see Information page). He came Monday morning December 31st around 11:00 am, he changed the Flush Ball, the Ball and Bowl Seal. The intervention lasted one hour. It did not remain me any more but to expect arrival of the tires ex-military 14.00R20XL, to follow the next year

New Year 2013

On Thursday, January 3 I went to TCI #866 to get news of my tires. Nothing, Michael, the manager, telephoned to “” which informed him that the carrier “Central Transport Inc.” came to take them in the afternoon without knowing when they would arrive at Irvine, to follow the next day on the website of the carrier with the tracking number.

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Fifth Wheel Motor Home
img img
Motor Home on Freightliner chassis
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On Friday, January 4 I had fears about the working of the battery charger, Victron Phoenix 24/25. I found on Internet the address of Grainger at Santa Anna I went there. Alas nothing in stock and, more than one week for a delivery. I will try in San Diego if I had time. Back I found an e-mail from Michael giving me the address of the website of the carrier as well as the tracking number which announced an expected delivery on Wednesday 09/01/2013. My visa expires the 12/01/2013!!!