-- From 2017/03/10 to 2017/03/19
-- From Santiago to the border of Uruguay

The GPS road tacklog
from the border Chile to Juan Jorba
from 2017/03/10 au 2017/03/16

Cristo Redentor, 3848 m high, CL/AR

Enter Argentina, AR


The Chile & Argentina  integradted border post is located in Argentinian territory after the international border inside a building. The procedure was promptly dispatched and thet customs examination was short. While arriving in Uspallata I found a bivouac at Bóvedas Históricas, a ruin & museum of a pre-Columbian metallurgical site, for three nights. I am not in a hurry for going to Uruguay, the Grimaldi boat is announced for March 27th…

Bovedas Historicas, click on the pic for opening the gallery

Bivouac Bovedas, 1930 m
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Lumière rasante à l'aube, Low angled light at daybreak

Rio Mendoza

I tardily left Bóvedas Históricas towards Mendoza. The RN#7 skirts Rio Mendoza. I warned a flat ground for a pastoral bivouac at the edge of water before arriving at Mendoza. I have time because the boat is announced for March 27th, but that can still advanced.

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On road again ruta#7
Bivouac Rio mendoza, 1390 m


While arriving at Mendoza I was going again to install me in the camping Suizo as in September 2016. Of course before I passed to Carrefour Supermarket to do supply in food, because it is necessary to have the empty refrigerator at the border…

Bivouac Mendoza, Camping Suizo, 930 m

Juan Jorba

On Thursday, March 16th I left Mendoza to go to Montevideo at approximately 1520 km which I would traverse in four days. On the way: Circulate, it does not have nothing there to see, road and highway at a Senator's speed.

Bivouac Juan Jorba, 560 m

The GPS road tacklog
from Juan Jorba to the border Uruguay
from 2017/03/17 au 2017/03/18

Leones autopista#9

Friday, March 17th was still a driving day without interest. I bivouacked after Leones between the autopista#9 and a field of alfalfa.

Bivouac Leones autopista#9, 118 m

Towards the border Uruguay

img img
Viaducto Rosario-Victoria

Crossing the border

I left Argentina on Sunday 19th Mars after the international bridge at Fray Bentos in Uruguay. Look at Crossing the border, here