-- From 2017/02/27 to 2017/03/03
-- From Quintay to Santiago

The GPS road tacklog
from Quintay to Santiago
from 2017/02/27 au 2017/03/03


After having remained nine days in Quintero in two spots, I took again the road towards Santiago by stopping at the Petrobras gas station for filling the tank with water as well as for using a good Wifi connection. Then I returned to bivouac two days on the rest area before Quintay.

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On Wednesday, March 1st on the way to the Hotel Providencia IBIS in Santiago I stopped at the international airport to inform me of the check-in procedure which is done on the website of Latam Airlines. While arriving at the hotel I discovered that the free carpark is underground with a 2.3 meters height. After information near the reception of the hotel and large tour in the district, I determined to return to the airport to leave my truck on the carpark during my visit in Santiago, my night in the truck preceding the take-off to Rapa Harmed and during my stay on the Easter Island. On Thursday, March 2d I undertook my first day of visit while taking the advice of Lonely-Planet. While arriving at Plaza de Armas I was greeted amicably by two ridden police officers, the Fountain dedicated to Simon Bolivar held my attention with a plate of the km 0 beginning of all distances in Chile. The square is not very vast and it is surrounded by rather disparate buildings. The cathedral was built from 1748 to 1800 of neo-classic style. Then I made a large tour which involved me to Museo de Bellas Artes with a canopy pointing out the Petit Palais in Paris. It shelters exhibits of art of Chilean painters. Further on Mercado Central is the place where one sells fruit and vegetables, fish and meats with on the first floor restaurants. Finally along the Mapocho river the Mapocho railway station was partially destroyed by an earthquake then transformed into showroom. In downtown area Palacio de la Moneda gathers the offices of the Presidency of Chile. In basement Centro Cultural Palacio Moneda presents temporary exhibitions. At the time of my passage it was devoted to Pablo Picasso. Finally I completed this day by Barrio Paris-London with buildings of the Twenties.

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On Friday, March 3rd I continued to visit Santiago with in first Museo de la Memoria of the dictatorship of September 11th, 1973 by the General Pinochet who off-set several thousands of people perishing in jails. Then I had wished to take the funicular to Cerro San Cristobal but the queue was too long. I finished by Centro Gabriela Mistral, GAM. Then I returned to the hotel IBIS to publish my pages of the website before going to the airport.

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Santiago airport

I spent the night of Friday in my truck on the airport carparkt. On Saturday morning I took the plane to Rapa Harmed, Hanga Roa.