-- From 2022/08/14 to 2022/08/21
-- From Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet to Château Lastours

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 from Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet to Camplong
 from 2022/08/14 to 2022/08/14

Sunday, August 14 after three days of rest, two of which were of a heat wave, I took to the road again to cover track n°2 in the Cathar country. The day was announced to be beautiful but not very hot. While preparing for Sunday, reading the road book mentioned a narrow bridge at waypoint 90, I made a detour to go directly to waypoint 94. But the difficulties arrived at Fabrezan, I could not go out to go to waypoint 113; I wandered in the village, forbidden directions, narrow streets etc. I tried a track in the mountain, dead end. Finally I establish the bivouac at the crossroads of Camplong d'Aude. Tomorrow will be another day. For the record, the change of batteries resulted in a reset of the daily odometer, annoying on tracks when the gauge of the diesel tank no longer works.

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Siblings of boars

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 from Camplong to WP 252
 from 2022/08/15 to 2022/08/15

Monday August 15, after being unable to reach WP-114 at Fabrezan and a peaceful night at Camplong, I took a secondary road to join the RB35 track at Dozens, WP-142. Phew! The landscape of the Corbières is made up of the black mountain and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. The track alternates with paved roads and that's good. I met two windmills, one vintage to grind wheat, the other contemporary, to produce carbon-free electricity. I parked shortly after the WP-252 at the edge of the track. The photos of green wood have a rendering of a spinach dish.

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Evolution du moulin à vent

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 from WP 252 to Belvédère Lastours
 from 2022/08/16 to 2022/08/16

Tuesday, August 16 in the early morning after a cool night at +600 meters altitude, I descended into the valley via Mazamet. The tracks are good and the paved sections are sometimes narrow for crossings. Again I looked for a waypoint which I couldn't find and further on a barrier was closed; fortunately an inconspicuous and grassy cross track brought me back in the right direction. The arrival at the castle of Lastours was problematic as the horde of tourists was numerous. A car park is at the belvedere but too far for a visit to the castle given my physical condition. Of course it is forbidden for motorhomes, but a grassy pitch welcomed me with open arms. I took the opportunity to inflate the tires. The hike of the Rb 35 road book is over. I am going to join the Rb34 road book hike in Foix after a mop in deep France.

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