-- From 2015/10/05 to 2015/10/11
-- From Merida to Cancun

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From Merida to Cancun
From 2015/10/05 au 2015/10/11

Chichen Itza, YU

As all the Mondays I should to publish the pages of my website. For that I should to go to Merida downtown, Plaza Grande. I arrived there without problem and I warned a carpark close to the square. Having questioned the guard he gave me the address of a cybercafé. Oh happiness! The address was exact. During more than one hour for 10 pesos I did my weekly job and I answered the received emails. Then I began the visit of the plaza. But catastrophe the battery of my Sony compact lowered the arms by fault of power, it was empty. It is a recurring problem with this model which does not prevent in advance. Moreover the battery is fixed no possibility of having another one. Piqued I returned to my truck, I put it in load then I left the carpark to go to Walmart while directing me towards Izamal to see the Convento de San Antonio de Padua, recommended by Patricia. While arriving on the square of the village the sight is surprising, It is an huge quadrilateral of arcades built from 1533 to 1561 with materials coming from the destruction of Maya pyramids neighbors. It was visited in 1993 by the Pope John Paul II whose statue is in majesty in front of the sanctuary. Then I went to Chichen Itza to bivouac on a waste ground at the exit of the Piste village close to the archeological site.

Izamal click the picture


Chichen Itza, click the picture

As of 8:00 I entered on the Chichen Itza's archeological site before the crowd of the ordinary tourists. Of course I waded in the morning dew. I rediscovered El Castillo as in August 1984. But with a great difference, 31 years ago I had climbed the staircases up to the top as for all the sites visited then. Now the accesses to the monuments are prohibited by barriers. In compensation interpretative panels give information in Spanish, Nahuatl and English. I traversed the site in approximately three hours. It was largely sufficient before the sun at its zenith. I would not describe the monuments. I return the Net surfer to the tourist guides as well as to Wikipedia. I returned to my camping of the day before to do the administrative job of the maintenance of my website.


Tulum, QR

On Wednesday, October 7th I had two visits to make. The first was devoted to the charming and quiet village of Valladolid which was created around 1543. The conquistadors accepted a sharp opposition on behalf of the Mayas. The murals tell their story. The church and the convent San Bernardino were built at the same time. Then I moved towards the archeological site of Ek' Balam dating back from the 8th century of our era. Acropolis is impressive by the slope of its monumental staircase that I am climbed slowly. From the top the view is superb on the forest of the neighborhoods. After lunching I carried on my way to bivouac close to the archeological site of Tulum.

Valladolid, click la photo


Ek' Balam, click la photo


Cancun, QR

On Thursday, October 8th the visit of Tulum was particularly disappointing. From the carpark, out of price, it is necessary to walk 700 meters to reach the entry kiosk to take a ticket. Then still +100 meters to cross the enclosing wall a remarkable thickness. The discovery of the site is not impressive. Except El Castillo the surface is quasi plane and the monuments are surrounded by a rope to prohibit the access. It is impossible to photograph El Castillo with the sea in background. Admittedly the interpretative panels are very didactic. It was the last archeological site visited in Mexico. I left Tulum around 10:30 in search of a bivouac. I had two addresses but they did not exist any more. I arrived at Cancun around 12:30. I stopped at Mercedes-Benz to check my appointment taken on September 22nd. But the receptionist claimed not to have received it! After discussion and in front of my dissatisfaction an appointment for the following day 9:00 was given to me. On Friday, October 9th I spent the whole day to wait the living room. Admittedly the tag on the back of my truck was cleaned. On Saturday, October 10th I went to the address given by the manager of Mecoloco Inn for making a mirror for the right rear view mirror. The company Millet Industria de Vidrio cut and installed a mirror in one hour for 49 pesos, that is to say approximately 2,70€. The Trailer Park Mecoloco Inn has conveniences, electricity, Wifi, a swimming pool, unspecified toilets without hot water and water at the tap is not drinkable. I will spend several days.

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