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The GPS road tacklog
From Cancun to Chetumal
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My stay in TrailerPark & Mecoloco Inn at Cancun passed very quickly while waiting for the delivery of a sending by UPS from the base-back. Indeed I prepared the way in Central America and in South America by taking account of the risks of the maritime transfer from Panama City, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia as well as the progressive exhaustion of my one-year medicine stock, to follow. The temperature varies from +29 to +33°C with a moisture from approximately 80 to 90%. For three days of the pouring rain has refreshed the atmosphere.

TrailerPark & Mecoloco Inn

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Chetumal, QR

After a eight days stay in TrailerPark & Mecoloco In I left it on Saturday, October 17th to go to Chetumal at a few kilometers from the border with the Belize which I will cross tomorrow. I bivouacked at Pemex km 7. It always rains…

Pemex KM 7


Santa Elena, BZ, border crossing

Sunday, October 18th was announced sunny for enter Mexico where I arrived hardly before 7:30. The procedure was promptly dispatched, look at the border crossing on the Mexico page.