-- From 2019/04/01 au 2019/04/06
-- From Serengeti NP to the border with Kenya

 The GPS road tracklog
 from Serengeti NP to Mwanza, Tunza Lodge
 from 2019/04/01 to 2019/04/01

Mwanza, Tunza Lodge

Monday, April 1 I left Serengeti NP to go to have rest at the edge of Lake Victoria. Indeed I traversed the 135 km of track from Senora, Tumbili, to the exit of the park in 4:30 so much the track is bad. On arrival at the office of exit, the ranger pointed out that I was in delay of two hours immediately of entry in the park. I retorted to him that the track was in bad condition and, that I did not know it. Moreover I informed him of my astonishment due to sums spent, as a foreigner, to visit these parks and that his remark was bad. I arrived around 15:30 at Tunza Lodge for a one nigh.


 The GPS road tracklog
 from Mwanza, Tunza Lodge to Musoma, Tembo Beach
 from 2019/04/02 to 2019/04/05

Musoma, Tembo Beach

Tuesday, April 2 I initially sought to make wash my truck of the mud of Serengeti NP, then to store food before the entry Kenya which I did not find. Moreover campsites in Mwanza are quasi non-existent. Consequently I went up to Musoma where there was one of them; admittedly not amazing behind a grid with far Lake Victoria and at the bottom of a building in becoming since long years. There but finally I stayed for four nights due to prepare the visit of Kenya, last country of my journey in Southern and Eastern Africa.

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 The GPS road tracklog
 from Musoma, Tembo Beach to la frontière
 from 2019/04/02 to 2019/04/06

Sirari / Isebania, border between Tanzanie & Kenya

Saturday, April 6 I began the formalities to leave Tanzania then to enter Kenya.